WAKE A LOT “Cable Park” in Thailand.

Since 2011 We have set up a Rixen Cableway “LITTLE BRO” two tower system.
It is great for beginners, internediate and of course for professional riders.

Why a two tower system? It works similar to a normal fullsize cable park but instead of doing rounds you go back and forth. It is easy to learn the turn and the best thing about the two tower system is that it is exclusive only you out there. You don’t have to swim after taking a fall or wait in long lines. It is the perfect training device, only you , nobody in front nore anyone in the back. A personal operator and coach helps and got his eyes on you all times . If you take a fall the handle will come back to you. It is perfect to learn fast, no matter air trick, kicker or rail. You can choose your speed and turning points. What else can we say "welcome to the future"


We have a spine (two kickers attached back to back
( both 2 m wide, 1.2 m high and 6 m long ) they exactly the same so you can practice toeside and heelside just as “goofy and regular” riders will always

have the same conditions at all times. One huge A-Frame
( 24 m long and 1,65 m high ) with nice and smooth transitions.
If it is your first time you will feel save.

Wake-a-lot will have a new combination platform with various rails and pool in the water for this new season 2014/2015, it will be something big,
inovative and super save with welded HDPE no screws no sharp edges !! Goals are " have fun " , leave us with more experience, skills and a lot of new tricks .

@nicolas_leduc taking a quick kicker set on our medium spine kicker ! 🚨 #wakeboading

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