WAKE A LOT vision is and has always been to create a perfect place. We just made things happen we love and enjoy to see our friends and customers feel it and keep comin back to us .


We want to be a wakeboard camp and focus on all the things that make you a better rider. We are more about having a place with friendly atmosphere, good coaching, quality time on the water and things to do when you are not wakeboarding. So over the years since we started 2007 in Dokkrai we were just working hard  to get where we are today . Feeling is something that nobody can take away from you after and it is the same with this place with this sport  thats why we love to go out and ride . Thats what we have build this place on .  There was no big plan behind this all and thats why people may state that this place is "real". Destiny was behind the wheel most of the time.


It all started with LOTA  Mr. Bunyalo Jumruang in 2007 as a straight boat camp, we were building rails at Lake Dokkrai and hit them with the JetSki. Than we moved away from this beautiful place to build the perfect wakeboard training facility for us. Amata the perfect city gave us the fresh water depot and now we are home. Building this place step by step for all types the wakeaholics, the relaxers and the in betweeners.   


People that know us will notice that from now on 2014/2015 we will only have 15 rooms left 10 standard and 5 exclusive airconditioned rooms. The circle will get smaller but more exclusive with the new radical obstacles, better training and more intensive coachingWAL is a big family and that you will feel the moment you get here. By riders for riders, for real!


Lota, who has helped from day one to design the camp, has won basically everything in Asia behind the boat.

The future of wakeboarding in our eyes will be the two tower cable system where there can be tons of obstacles, thats where our focus is. So we could not be happier to be the future trainings and test facility for the biggest obstacle producer in Asia "STAX-UNLIMITED". 


Of course we will always keep the boat alive and upgrade the boat for all you wakeboarders, wakesurfers and wakeskaters as it is the original root of the sport.